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       Cyndi Brighton and New Earth Pet Care have been my pet sitter three times over this last year.  This is not the first time  I've had someone come into my home and stay with my pets, but I have to say with my experience with Cyndi has been probably the best experience I have had since I moved here  to Santa Fe 11 years ago.

        I have a Jack Russell (high-maintenance), three cats and some aquarium fish.  I need someone to feed my pets twice a day, plus stay with them overnight.  And my dog Panda needs extra attention with walks during the day and companionship at night. Cyndi provided all of this with her kind and gentle attention to my “kids”.  She let me know of any concerns she had when I was gone and worked with me to alleviate the problems.
       I have found New Earth Pet Care completely trustworthy and a service I intend to use again and again in the future for my pet sitting needs.  I would highly recommend this service.  -- Carolyn H.

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Having someone you can totally trust to care for your pets and your home while you are away, is one of the biggest concerns for each of us.  Having interviewed Cyndi, learned of her extensive and ongoing training in petcare, and experienced her meticulous attention to details in caring for and working with our pets, we feel Cyndi has earned that total trust.  We have 2 dogs and 2 cats, all of whom are doing very well with Cyndi’s care.  We would recommend her services to you.  -- L. O.

I am so relieved to have found Cyndi as a house sitter.  My 95 year old Mom is in assisted living in Ohio, and I have been making frequent trips back there. I have a VERY high energy young rescued Aussie Cattle dog, and an elderly rescued Boston Terrier, who has trouble with motor skills and some dementia. I found Cyndi’s ad at the Eldorado Vet’s office, as I was frantically looking for someone. Cyndi was available, thank goodness, and did a wonderful job with the dogs. She took the cattle dog to Paws Plaza for her weekly socialization and exercise (she comes home just exhausted) and walked her along the RR tracks trail to Lamy. She also gave my Boston lots of gentle attention.  When I arrived home after nine days, I thought I was walking into a five star hotel! Sheets were cleaned, no dog hair was floating around the floors, the kitchen was spotless, and she reported that she had seen a large snake in my cattle dog’s outdoor pen, from which she immediately removed my dog.  Cyndi would be great no matter where you live, but if you live in the country as I do, you couldn’t do better. She is staying with my guys again in June, so I know that I will not worry in the least while I am gone!        --Roberta S.

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